How to use the new Polygon app to navigate through the web

The Polygon App is coming to iOS, Android, and Windows 10, and now with a new feature: the ability to navigate with the swipe-left and swipe-right fingers.Polygon has been using the app for a few months now, and its new iOS version is now live.It’s still in beta and we’ll be sharing more info as…

Published by admin inSeptember 21, 2021

The Polygon App is coming to iOS, Android, and Windows 10, and now with a new feature: the ability to navigate with the swipe-left and swipe-right fingers.

Polygon has been using the app for a few months now, and its new iOS version is now live.

It’s still in beta and we’ll be sharing more info as we have it, but for now, let’s take a look at how you can use it to navigate the web.

When you first open the Polygon mobile app, you’ll see a list of your site’s categories, along with links to other Polygon content on

You can swipe left and right to move between these categories and click the plus or minus symbol next to the category to show or hide its sub-category, and you can click on the category header to jump to the specific section or section heading you want to click on.

To navigate between categories, you can tap the plus sign next to any item, or use the navigation buttons.

For example, if you tap the category heading for your site, you’re presented with the search bar on the right, and then you can swipe right and left to navigate to the relevant sub-categories.

You’ll see the top section of each sub-subcategory, as well as its links to the corresponding categories.

You also can tap on the sub-item header to return to the previous section or heading.

You don’t need to click the “Browse to” button if you want a specific sub-section to be displayed, and clicking it opens a new page.

When navigating through the site’s content, you tap anywhere to bring up a list for the relevant sections, as you can see in the following screenshot.

You can also swipe down and left from the bottom to navigate from one sub-area to another.

To get the most out of the new app, it’s important to understand how it works.

Polygons navigation system uses three main elements: a navigation bar, a menu bar, and an index.

Navigation is done using two swipe gestures, and there are four types of navigation: left and up, right and down, left and left.

The navigation bar is where you’re currently at and the menu bar is the top menu area for your section.

If you’re in the top left corner of your screen, you’ve just navigated to the navigation bar.

You have three categories to navigate, and each category can have its own navigation bar as well.

The categories you’re familiar with include: News, News Stories, and Game Reviews.

You have access to the news section for your news section, and the game reviews section for the other categories.

To find a section heading for a category, you simply swipe up or down from the top right corner of the navigation pane.

The section heading will be highlighted in blue, and it will be shown on your right side.

If it’s a new category, it’ll be shown as a green arrow pointing to the new category heading.

The menu bar will have a list to the left of the menu area, and at the bottom of the list, you will see an option to toggle a section’s navigation, like so:This option is activated by holding down the Menu button, and a list will appear to the right of the Menu bar.

This list will show the navigation options for each submenu, and these can be changed.

You’ve also got a section button at the top of the nav bar, which can be used to navigate between sections.

If you’re looking for a section head, tap it to expand the navigation menu.

Then you can choose one of the sections heading and then the section heading from the list.

This will open up a new navigation menu to the section, or the navigation for that section, as shown in the screenshot below.

This section heading can be very useful for navigating between sections, or you might want to switch to another section if you’re missing one you like.

If a section you like is not visible in the menu, just click it to show a list with that section heading.

You may also want to see a section header in the navigation.

The main navigation heading will show up in the upper left corner, and when you’re at the upper right corner, you may need to tap the navigation arrow to get to that heading.

If the section headings are all the same, you probably want to just tap the section header and the navigation will load.

If not, you have the option to scroll through the submenu by dragging the arrow to the lower right.

The new iOS app also has the option of highlighting your favorite categories with a light grey outline.

This light grey highlight will appear on your list in the navbar when you swipe up from the navigation heading, and will highlight the category headings and subheadings in your sidebar.

If there are no categories highlighted, the light grey area will also disappear, but if there are

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