‘Ran’ in India: Why a salon owner has built a brand in her country

A few years ago, a man named Raghunath Raut, the founder of Ran, came across a post on Instagram about a “beauty salon” in a small town in central India.He was captivated by its beauty salon aesthetic and was determined to take it to the next level.After years of searching and networking, Raut opened his…

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A few years ago, a man named Raghunath Raut, the founder of Ran, came across a post on Instagram about a “beauty salon” in a small town in central India.

He was captivated by its beauty salon aesthetic and was determined to take it to the next level.

After years of searching and networking, Raut opened his own beauty salon in the small town of Dantewada.

The idea was to open a place where women could have their makeup done in their own home, rather than going to a beauty salon that would be staffed by a woman.

Raut also had a vision of providing affordable, well-quality haircuts, manicures, and other treatments to women in rural areas.

He decided to build the salon on the premise that the concept of a salon could resonate with people who didn’t have the luxury of an expensive salon.

Rangaswamy Raut and his team had been traveling around India for the past few years, and had met with a few clients who wanted to start their own beauty salons.

Rantavaswam said that he didn’t think there was a market for an online beauty salon because the idea had never been tried before.

“There was no market,” he said.

Rapanaswami and his colleagues started a beauty and health company called Ran in 2016.

The company has now grown to more than 100 salons in seven Indian states.

The salon also offers health services, including acupuncture, and also sells beauty products and supplies to other businesses in the region.

Rapsha, the brand Raut started, is the result of all that work.

“The first step in our journey was to create a brand,” Raut said.

“Our name, Ran, is a combination of ‘rasha’ and ‘raj’.

Rasha means to give, raj means to be.

We’re a small company, we don’t have a lot of capital, and we have to invest a lot to get Ran to where it is today.”

The Rauts first salon opened in 2016 and now they’ve opened over 100 more in India.

It is not just the beauty salon concept that Raut has created that resonates with women.

Ranganaswari, the owner of Ran’s online salon, said that women in India are really attracted to the idea of a private, safe space to get beauty done in.

“They want a private space where they can go and do their own things, they don’t need to come to the salon,” she said.

The beauty salon business model is an idea that resonated with Rangan as well.

“I think women in this country really want to feel safe, comfortable, and to feel they can do their best and that they can give their best to others,” Rangan said.

So why are women in Indian beauty salon business owners passionate about their idea?

Rangan and Raut’s personal vision for Ran is what ultimately drove the company to expand into other markets and grow.

“Ran was built on the concept that women want to be comfortable in their skin and in their body,” Rapan said.

In India, women often experience cosmetic surgery and skin treatments in private settings and many women who experience cosmetic procedures in public settings are very concerned about safety.

According to a 2017 survey by the National Cosmetic Council, only 8 percent of Indian women had been told to stay home during a facial surgery procedure.

The majority of women in the survey reported that they did not feel comfortable in the clinic because of the risk of infection.

“Women want to do what’s best for them,” Ravan said.

For the Ran salon, the answer was simple.

“We are all equal in this world, but we all need to respect one another,” Rans mantra said.

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