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How to Get a $5,000 Beauty Lounge in Australia

Get the best beauty and fashion products for every occasion at the best price in Australia!It’s the beauty lounge at the heart of everything from the holidays to birthdays and weddings, and all the time.This beauty lounge is the place to be if you want to look your best. Read more

How to stop looking at your phone

I spent a couple of days in Hawaii with my boyfriend and his family in January, after the wedding of our parents.We spent a few days in Maui and were able to spend some time at the Aaina Beauty Salon in Waikiki.We had a lovely time.The place is lovely, the people are great, and the…

How to find a beauty salon in the US

Salon lovers rejoice!There’s now a new beauty salon to add to your wish list.According to a recent survey conducted by beauty portal Cosmopolitan, beauty salon owners are in love with the idea of the new beauty spa.A whopping 78 percent of the people surveyed said they would recommend a beauty spa to their friends, according…

How the former FIFA president was fined for taking his daughter to the mall

Anita Moralez, a former FIFA vice president, has been fined €100,000 for taking her children to a beauty salon after they complained of pain in their legs.The former president of Argentina was fined €40,000 last month for taking a family to the Mall of Good Hope in Buenos Aires, which has been the site of…

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