What Tina Turner really looks like, from a tattoo artist

Tina Turner was once known as a sexy model, but that reputation was soon shattered when she revealed that she has an incurable skin cancer.She was given a tattoo by a tattooist, and the artist ended up giving her a skin cancer diagnosis in a book that was published in 2000.Turner, who died in 2016,…

Published by admin inJuly 3, 2021

Tina Turner was once known as a sexy model, but that reputation was soon shattered when she revealed that she has an incurable skin cancer.

She was given a tattoo by a tattooist, and the artist ended up giving her a skin cancer diagnosis in a book that was published in 2000.

Turner, who died in 2016, also lost her husband of 34 years, Roberta, and her mother, who suffered from breast cancer.

A tattoo artist named Mike C. wrote an autobiography about his relationship with Tina in 2002.

In the book, Mike recounts how Tina and his wife, Janice, became close when Tina started wearing a bra and a pair of panties.

They began a relationship that included a baby and the couple had two children.

Mike’s book, Tina’s Beauty Salon, was published last year.

The cover of the book shows Tina wearing her bra and panties with a tattoo on her left forearm.

Tina Turner on her book cover, 2000.

(Photo by Michael Buckner, HBO/Getty Images) “The first time I met Tina, I went to see her at her office in New York City,” Mike said in the book.

“It was a very casual, very nice place, but we were very interested in her work, and she told me that she was working on a book.

I asked her if she wanted me to do it.

She said, ‘Oh, OK.

What are you going to do with this book?’

I said, OK, I’ll do a tattoo.

She asked me if I wanted to do the tattoo.

And I said yes.

I was a tattoo guy.

I knew she was an artist, and I said I was willing to go for it.”

Mike was inspired to make a tattoo after seeing the tattoo on his own hand.

“The tattoo artist said to me, ‘I’ve got an incidence that will kill you.

You can’t do it,'” he said.

“I said, [laughs] That’s the kind of girl Tina Turner is.

So I went and got a tattoo, and it was a beautiful tattoo.

I said that to Tina, and that’s how it became a tattoo.”

Mike’s tattoo on Tina Turner’s right forearm, circa 2003.

(Image: Courtesy of Mike C) “In that tattoo, she’s got a huge scar across her neck, and in the next paragraph, it says, ‘My name is Tina Turner, and this is my story.’

So, that’s the tattoo that I was going for.

She’s been tattooing for a long time, and when she first met me, I knew that she could do it,” Mike continued.

“Tina, I think, felt like she was kind of lost, because she had never really done anything before.

But then she found out I had a tattoo and thought, ‘That’s great.’

She said that the tattoo is beautiful, and so was I. I have to admit that I love that tattoo.

It’s beautiful, it’s beautiful to look at.”

Mike said he had a difficult time finding a tattoo that was right for Tina.

“One day, I was talking to my girlfriend, and we were talking about tattoos, and someone said, Tina Turner has a tattoo,” Mike recalled.

“And I was like, ‘Well, I can’t tell you.’

She went on to say, ‘Because it’s so big.

I mean, you could have a lot of tattoos.’

And I was so touched by that.

And then when she told my parents, they were like, Oh, my god, we have to do a story for our daughter, too.

We were just like, What?

Why would you want to do this?

But it was the right thing for Tina, so we went ahead and did it.

And it was amazing.”

In the movie, Mike has tattooed a portrait of Tina Turner and a picture of her, along with her tattoos.

(Source: HBO) Mike was asked to make the tattoo for the movie.

“My goal was to get a tattoo where Tina was standing,” he said, “where she was looking down at her feet, and where she was facing away from the camera.

So it was just so much fun.

She loved it, and everybody loved it.”

Tina Turner (Photo: HBO/HBO) In the film, Tina and Mike have tattoos on each other, and they both had a hard time getting the right one.

“As soon as I saw that tattoo on my arm, I started thinking, OK I’m going to go do the same tattoo on both my arms,” Mike told PEOPLE.

“So I went down to my local tattoo parlor and picked out the right tattoo.

That tattoo was on my left arm, and on my right arm was a little piece of paper with a picture and a date of when I got it.

I wrote it down, and then I did a quick Google search and found a few places that were doing tattoos.

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