Why is Juanita’s salon being closed?

SANTA ANA, Calif.— Juanita and Juanita Grosvenor have owned a salon for nearly 20 years in the Santa Ana area.They say the owner has been evicted from their home and the couple’s rental unit, and they are seeking a permanent address to help them.JUANITA: We need a place to live.I have never seen a landlord…

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— Juanita and Juanita Grosvenor have owned a salon for nearly 20 years in the Santa Ana area.

They say the owner has been evicted from their home and the couple’s rental unit, and they are seeking a permanent address to help them.

JUANITA: We need a place to live.

I have never seen a landlord leave their property.

I can’t believe it.

I just want to move out.

They don’t care about us.

They want to get their money and leave.

And I am trying to help.

The way we look at this, we can’t afford to leave.

But they are in the process of evicting Juanita and their son from their rented rental property and are trying to get a permanent location for the salon.

MARTIN: The couple say the landlord is demanding that they vacate their rental property.

But they say they are also seeking help from Santa Ana Police Department and the city of Santa Ana to evict the owner.

We spoke with one of the couple, Juanita, who said she was evicted and that her son was evading the eviction.

JUANITEZ: I feel like a prisoner.

They are evicting me because I don’t want to leave my son.

I want to live with him.

I am not going to give up on my son, because I have to do this.

MARIA GARCIA, PROFESSOR: Juanita says the couple was evicts from their rental unit last August and she believes that they are evicted for not paying rent.

She says the landlord did not evict them when they tried to apply for a permit to renew their lease.

But the couple says the city says they should have been able to renew and the permit should have come through.

They’re looking to get the permit, but they say that it will be difficult for them to get.

MARIANA GARCIALE: Because they don’t have the permits.

The city says we need to go through this process.

But we need them to evict us.

MARIO ALBERTO, MOTHER: Juanitas’ attorney, Maria Garcia, said the landlord has said they are trying everything possible to get her son evicted.

They said they’re looking for a permanent place to stay.

They have been living in their rental apartment.

But when they filed for a city permit, the city said they can’t be allowed to stay there.

MARIAMAR GARCÍA: And they want to stay at the rental unit for 30 days.

And they don`t want to be evicted again.

And the city told them, no, you have to go back.

And we have to get it.

But that`s not possible.

They need us, they want us, to be there for them.

And to be able to help us out.

So we need some help.

And this is the problem.

MARIE GARCIANA: They are still living in the same unit with Juanita.

They hope to get one of their own.

MARIANA SANTOS, PROPRIETOR: I have been saying for the last 10 years, I hope I can get this case solved, to get Juanita back in the community, but she’s not going anywhere.

She`s very determined to stay here.

And if it`s possible, she`ll stay here until it`ll be all over.

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